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Taking the Stress Out of Your Move

When my husband found a new job several provinces away, I knew that we needed to move as soon as possible. I rushed to find boxes, tape, and a moving truck that I could rent myself. In the excitement and rushed state of the move, I ended up breaking a computer, several antique dishes, three vases, and a recliner. The move ended up costing me several hundred extra dollars on replacement items. When my small family needed to move again, I did my research. I found out how to pack correctly and I also learned how to use pods, storage spaces, and professional movers to my advantage. Not only was this move less stressful, but it was far cheaper. Learn from my research to make sure your move is stress free. You will find tips on my blog whether you are moving a household or relocating to a dorm room.


Taking the Stress Out of Your Move

Four Tips For Moving On A Snowy Day

by Deann Wade

Everyone prefers to move when the sun is shining and the skies are clear, but this isn't always possible, especially when you have to move in the winter. If your moving day comes and snow is falling from the sky, here are a few tips that will help you get your things to your new place safely and without water damage.

Lay plastic sheets from the doorway leading into the home.

You can do this at your old place when you're loading boxes into the moving truck, and at your new place as you're unloading boxes. A roll or plastic intended to be used as table cloths works just fine, as would several overlapped plastic mats. Lay them from your entryway into the nearest room to the door, so you don't have to keep taking your boots on and off as you go in and out.

Cover valuable items with sheets as they're carried out to the truck.

This works well for wooden furniture, mattresses, and other items that you don't want to get wet. When you reach the moving truck, remove the sheet. Otherwise, the snow that has fallen onto it may melt in the warm truck and get your items wet. Put new, dry sheets over the items again when it's time to unload them, and take the sheets off immediately once the items are in your new home.

Borrow some plastic totes for moving moisture-sensitive items.

Most items should be fine in boxes, as long as you're careful to carry them to the truck quickly and avoid setting them down in snow. However, you may have some items, such as paintings or paperwork, that are very sensitive to even a drop of moisture. Find a moving company in your area that rents plastic moving containers, and borrow some of these for your most precious items.

Make sure the moving truck is facing the right direction.

You don't want the truck positioned so that snow blows right into the back of it. If possible, park the truck in such a way that the wind blows from the front to the back of the truck. This will save you from having to open and close the truck hatch again and again during loading.

Moving in snow is not fun, but with the tips above, it can be done successfully. Make sure you allow yourself some extra time if you're moving on a snowy day. Not only does it take extra time to cover and uncover furniture, but you'll also drive more slowly if the streets are snowy.