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Taking the Stress Out of Your Move

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Taking the Stress Out of Your Move

Preparing Your Car For Auto Transport

by Deann Wade

Whether you're transporting your car because you've sold it to a faraway buyer, or because of a personal relocation, the shipping policies and practices are much the same. These tips will help you prepare your car for transport and ensure that the transaction goes smoothly. 

Remove Personal Items

Many automobile trucking companies will not allow you to drop off your car with personal items inside. Remove all bags, jewelry, sunglasses, luggage, blankets and other personal items. This includes items like extra speakers, decorative ornaments, CDs and non-factory installed roof racks.

Some companies may require you to remove the stereo face in your car. Before shipping your vehicle, find out what your trucking company's policies are regarding this issue. Check the trunk, glove compartment and interior storage compartments before taking your car to the trucking depot. Remove all car maintenance accessories like window scrapers, tire pressure gauges and the owner's manual. 

Wash the Car

Give your car a good wash ahead of time. In addition to the fact that this will allow you to inspect the car and document its condition, many shipping companies also require that the cars they transport are clean. This allows the trucking company to inspect the car before shipping it, so they can make a record of any pre-existing exterior damage. 

Document the Condition of the Car

Document the condition of your car before shipping it. Take pictures of the exterior from different angles and in different lighting conditions. Note all exterior damage like dents and scratches. Date the pictures and take notes about the state of the car just before the time of transport. 

Check over the documents that your trucking company makes regarding the condition of your vehicle. This will ensure that you and your trucking company are in agreement about the condition of the vehicle being shipped. 

Disengage the Alarm System

If your car has an alarm system, disable the alarm or remove it from the car. This will ensure that your car alarm won't go off during transport. 

Keep the Gas Tank Low

When you deliver the car to the trucking company, the gas tank should be no more than 1/4 full. To ensure that your gas tank is sufficiently empty, avoid filling the tank in the weeks before the move. 

Know your Trucking Company's Policies

Different trucking companies have different shipping policies. Find out what your trucking company's policies are before dropping off your vehicle, to ensure that your car is in total compliance with their rules. 

For more information, contact Meyers Transportation Services or a similar company.