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Taking the Stress Out of Your Move

Traveling This March Break? Keep Your Artwork Safe With A Storage Unit

by Deann Wade

Traveling with your family during March Break or any other occasion can be a fun time for everyone. But if you have a valuable art collection that you've just started, you may worry about someone breaking into your home and stealing your acrylic paintings, sculptures or other pieces. You also can't rely solely on your neighbors, because they may travel, work long hours, or have other responsibilities that keep them from watching your house. There's a way to keep your art pieces safe and have fun this vacation. You can place them in storage. Keep this guide handy when you make your traveling plans.

Make a List and Check It Twice

A week before you plan to travel, make a detailed list of every piece of artwork you wish to store. If you wait until the week of your vacation, you may forget or miss items that you shouldn't leave behind. The facility may require a list of your valuables as a way to prevent any potential discrepancies that may occur if anything isn't inside the storage unit when you pick up your items.

If the facility does require a list, be ready to check each item off with a storage representative. It may seem unnecessary, but it protects you and the facility from problems.

Protect Your Art Pieces

In addition to making the list, take time to purchase specially-made boxes or materials for art pieces that dent, bend or break easily when touched or moved. For example, purchase and wrap your sculptures in bubble wrap sheets to prevent nicks and cracks in the material. 

For your acrylics and other paintings, contact an art museum for storage tips. Some people use bubble wrap or acid-free tissue paper to cover paintings, but an art specialist may give you other tips to use.

Check to see If the storage facility offers insurance plans for valuables like artwork. Although the facility is gated and restricted to unauthorized people, an insurance plan covers unforeseen incidents, such as a snowstorm or fire, that can destroy your art. Remember, the facility controls who enters and leaves its grounds, but it cannot control weather changes.

Choose the Right Indoor Environment

Most storage facilities provide climate-controlled units that keep humid, hot and wet conditions down. But for your peace of mind, you may want a storage unit that protects your art pieces with the right temperatures. For instance, most acrylic paintings stay safer between 65-70 °F. These temperature ranges keep art canvases from developing mold in moisture or warping in heat. Again, ask an art museum to look at your paintings to help you find the right temperatures for storage.

Additionally, some types of art pieces dent easily when pressed or stacked against harder objects, such as frames. Instead of stacking your paintings close together, place them at least a foot apart for the best protection.

If you need more help in storing your artwork, contact a storage facility like Queensborough Mini Storage self storage right away. It's an excellent way to protect your art when you're on March Break.