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Taking the Stress Out of Your Move

When my husband found a new job several provinces away, I knew that we needed to move as soon as possible. I rushed to find boxes, tape, and a moving truck that I could rent myself. In the excitement and rushed state of the move, I ended up breaking a computer, several antique dishes, three vases, and a recliner. The move ended up costing me several hundred extra dollars on replacement items. When my small family needed to move again, I did my research. I found out how to pack correctly and I also learned how to use pods, storage spaces, and professional movers to my advantage. Not only was this move less stressful, but it was far cheaper. Learn from my research to make sure your move is stress free. You will find tips on my blog whether you are moving a household or relocating to a dorm room.


Taking the Stress Out of Your Move

4 Ways To Save Money When Hiring A Moving Company

by Deann Wade

Do you need to hire a moving company? If you're moving, it's very likely that you're already spending quite a lot of money. But a professional moving company is not optional -- if you try to move your own items you'll probably find it not only difficult and time-consuming but potentially dangerous. Heavy items really should be moved by a professional. Still, there are some ways that you can reduce your overall moving company costs.

1. Box Your Items -- Especially Your Fragile Items

If you want to save money on moving, you should box your own items. Boxing items is something that is easy to do and most companies will be happy to pick up items that you've boxed yourself. There is one catch, though -- some companies require that you box the items in specific boxes or at least in standard boxes. Make sure that you check with the moving company first.

2. Move Your Lightweight Items

Even if you want to move the majority of your items through a moving company, you may want to move lightweight and small items on your own. Most moving companies will charge either by the box or by the truck size, so moving as much as you can on your own can help. You may also want to move more delicate items on your own because your moving company may need to move these separately.

3. Always Book Your Moving Company Early

When you book a moving company, you will often get a much better rate the earlier you book. If you book last minute, you may be paying premium rates for the service -- and you might not even be able to secure a mover, depending on the season. When you do book, it often pays to be flexible. Let the mover know that you are available at any time of the day or on multiple days. They may be able to fit you in a less than optimal spot for a discount.

4. Don't Forget Any Relevant Discounts

Ask your movers if they offer any discounts to see whether they apply to you. For instance, many moving companies offer discounts to local college students -- others may offer discounts to senior citizens. You may not discover these discounts unless you specifically ask the movers about them.

Moving companies often have an assortment of services ranging from the very affordable to the more costly but more convenient. You can always discuss your budget with your moving company to find something that will work best for you. (For more information, contact Canadian Van Lines or another company)