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Taking the Stress Out of Your Move

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Taking the Stress Out of Your Move

How to Prepare Your Restaurant Equipment for Moving Day

by Deann Wade

After years of hard work and planning, your restaurant is finally ready to expand to a new location. While you were smart enough to hire an equipment moving company to tackle the hard part, this doesn't mean there isn't anything for you to do. For a successful move it takes some effort on your part. Preparing your restaurant equipment for a move will make the moving process easier and reduce the risk of damage.

Check for Loose Parts

Look over your restaurant equipment for any loose parts. A loose door handle on an oven, rubber sealing on a refrigerator door and other loose components will only be made worse during the move. Even with a skilled equipment moving company, the process of lifting and moving around the equipment may cause these components to completely come apart, causing greater damage. For instance, instead of being able to simply refasten or tighten the part, if it's broken off, you will need to replace it entirely.

Make sure you are looking at the internal components of your equipment as well. For example, if the wire connections that operate your oven's heating elements are already loose, jolting movement during the move could cause them to bend or rip apart. The heating element is the most important part of an oven and often the most expensive to repair. Recognizing the part is loose and securing it before the move can save time and money.


It's very important that you clean your restaurant equipment before the move. This is true for two important reasons. First, it allows you to better assess damage. If your equipment is covered with food, grime, grease or other stains it might be challenging to spot a scratch or other damage on the equipment. Even if this was accidentally caused by the moving company, if you aren't able to recognize it during the move, you will be responsible for repairing the equipment on your own. 

It's also important to note that some moving companies will not move dirty equipment. The dirt from your equipment can easily be transferred to the moving company's equipment or truck. For this reason, some equipment movers will require that you first clean your equipment. Keep in mind that this applies to both interior and exterior parts of the equipment.  

With the right amount of planning, you can ensure a more efficient and damage-free move. If you have any concerns about your equipment, a moving professional like Larry's Heavy Hauling (1990) Ltd will be able to assist you.