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Taking the Stress Out of Your Move

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Taking the Stress Out of Your Move

Keep Your Belongings Safe while in Storage with These Precautions

by Deann Wade

Putting anything in storage always requires some preparation in order for you to be sure that no damage is done to the belongings and that they remain in good condition until they're retrieved again. Instead of being concerned over potential damage to your belongings, take some time to look for a storage facility that has the security you desire already in place.

With the following tips, you can be sure that the storage facility you rent a unit from keeps your belongings secure.

Look for Facilities with Modern Amenities

The easiest way to limit your options for storage facilities that can keep your belongings in good condition is by sticking with newer facilities. Older storage facilities often have outdated amenities and lackluster security, making it important to only look into facilities with the latest amenities.

Security Guards Are a Plus

Along with surveillance cameras and other features, don't forget the value of security guards being present. With these guards at the facility, you can visit your storage unit with the comfort of knowing that your belongings are in good hands.

Don't Skip Insurance Coverage

An easy way to provide you with some peace of mind over the security of your items is by getting insurance to cover their value. Personal property insurance offered by an insurance provider or through the storage facility can help ensure that you'll be reimbursed if anything is damaged or stolen while in storage.

Ask About Bringing Your Own Locks

While the storage facility will likely have secure locks on everything, you may want to go the extra mile by bringing some of your own locks. This can helpful for storage facilities that use padlocks on the units, allowing you to latch on another one for extra security. In this situation, you'll likely need to provide the storage facility manager with a spare key for safety reasons.

Avoid Storing Valuables and Sentimental Items

Although the typical storage unit will be safe from theft with all the security features mentioned above, you'll want to avoid storing anything of substantial value. From expensive jewelry to treasured family photographs, you can feel much more at ease knowing that these items are safely stored at home.

With the numerous steps involved in making sure that your storage unit is a safe space for your belongings, you'll be able to feel relaxed knowing that nothing is going to be stolen or damaged. Taking your time as you contact storage unit facilities with the tips above will lead you towards a pleasant experience.