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Taking the Stress Out of Your Move

When my husband found a new job several provinces away, I knew that we needed to move as soon as possible. I rushed to find boxes, tape, and a moving truck that I could rent myself. In the excitement and rushed state of the move, I ended up breaking a computer, several antique dishes, three vases, and a recliner. The move ended up costing me several hundred extra dollars on replacement items. When my small family needed to move again, I did my research. I found out how to pack correctly and I also learned how to use pods, storage spaces, and professional movers to my advantage. Not only was this move less stressful, but it was far cheaper. Learn from my research to make sure your move is stress free. You will find tips on my blog whether you are moving a household or relocating to a dorm room.


Taking the Stress Out of Your Move

Moving Stressing You Out? Four Ways A Professional Moving Service Can Help

by Deann Wade

If you've just landed your dream job in your favorite city, you may be excited about the idea of moving. As reality sets in, you may start to stress about packing and moving all your worldly possessions. You've got enough to think about with preparing for that challenging job, so why not hire a professional moving service to get you from point A to point B? Below are four ways that professional movers can help make the move much less stressful.

Packing Materials at Your Fingertips

You might have been through this moving scenario before. At one time it was easy to rummage through the back lots of grocery or other retail stores to find empty boxes. That's not always possible today because boxes are usually broken down for recycling almost as soon as they are emptied. Your professional mover comes to your rescue, providing boxes and other packing items such as tape and bubble wrap. Estimate what you need, with their guidance.

Hate Packing? Moving Firms Can Help

Perhaps you are too busy to do the packing or you just can't stand the process. Many full service moving firms will do the packing for you. This really comes in handy if the move is sudden and you are on a tight arrival deadline. Movers will pack everything in the correct boxes, label them, load them in the van and transport everything to your new home. 

Professional Handling of Your Items

Professional movers take the utmost care of your items. Furniture is protected using padding and moving blankets are expertly placed to prevent shifting. Heavy or bulky objects are transported using special furniture dollies. These dollies have rubber or carpeted ends to protect your belongings and usually travel flat on four wheels. Appliance dollies are similar, but they are used to carry refrigerators, freezers and in a pinch, any furnishing that weighs up to 1,000 pounds.

Hand trucks are another tool of the trade. These are meant to carry pieces, usually stacked boxes, which have a total weight of up to 600 pounds. Hand trucks have two wheels on one end and usually sturdy straps to hold the items in place. The hand truck is tilted to allow movement. The careful use of dollies and hand trucks minimizes the chance of damage when transporting across uneven pavement or on stairs. These tools also keep the moving crew safe, minimizing their chance of injury, which helps keep your move on schedule.

Surprise Storage Scenarios

Sometimes moves don't go according to plan. Suppose the home you are moving into near your new job isn't ready. The previous resident may still be in the home, or it may need some cleaning and maybe a bit of upgrading before you take possession. Many moving firms provide storage for your items in secured facilities until you're able to move in. This service alone is one big stress remover.

For more information, contact a home moving company in your area.