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Taking the Stress Out of Your Move

When my husband found a new job several provinces away, I knew that we needed to move as soon as possible. I rushed to find boxes, tape, and a moving truck that I could rent myself. In the excitement and rushed state of the move, I ended up breaking a computer, several antique dishes, three vases, and a recliner. The move ended up costing me several hundred extra dollars on replacement items. When my small family needed to move again, I did my research. I found out how to pack correctly and I also learned how to use pods, storage spaces, and professional movers to my advantage. Not only was this move less stressful, but it was far cheaper. Learn from my research to make sure your move is stress free. You will find tips on my blog whether you are moving a household or relocating to a dorm room.


Taking the Stress Out of Your Move

Storage Hacks To Ensure That You Have A Sensible Move

by Deann Wade

Are you planning to move? If so, you likely have some things that you will not need. You may also have some items that you are keeping that can be used to move some of your other things. The following are a few items you may have in your home that can be used to transport other items and make your move easier.


These should be used during a move to store clothes. Your suitcases are going with you to your next location. There is no need to leave them empty, especially if you have several that will be a part of your move. 

Plastic Food Containers

You can use plastic containers to hold sharp items. They are also ideal to keep opened food items in a controlled environment. If you use them for this purpose, you should only put items that are not sensitive to temperatures in them. Never put your aquatic pets such as fish in these containers because they could suffocate.

Ziplock Bags

You can use these types of bag to store small items such as pantry items. You can also use ziplock storage bags to transport silverware. Gallon-sized and larger bags can be used to store socks, baby items, and hairbows. 

Storage Containers

You likely have plastic storage containers that are used to store various things you own. You may not have to remove all of the items from these containers. You should aim not to pack these containers to the top because it can make them heavier. The excess weight can cause the plastic material to break or bend. This means that your containers may need to be replaced when your relocation is completed. If you put potted plants in these containers, do not cover them because the plants might die.

Dresser Drawers

These are mentioned because some people mistakenly think that they can leave clothing in drawers and transport them to the new location. There are a few reasons why this is ill-advised. Clothing in drawers can make furniture heavier. This can cause issues with moving dressers in a safe and efficient manner. The excess weight of items stored in drawers can also cause damages to the dresser during a move. For example, moving the piece of furniture may put too much stress on one side of the furniture and cause it to cave in.

A moving company is a good resource to use to determine more ways to make your move less complicated. One of the main benefits that you can get from relying on the professionals is that they can provide moving supplies that can be repurposed or recycled. They can also help you identify items you currently have that can be used to pack your belongings. Reach out to a moving service like Moved Inn with Boxed Inn for more information.